About Genotrope


Genotrope is a project created by Tom Summit.

Contact us:   summit -at- genotrope -dot- com      781.330.0562

Address:  in the cloud with employees in Mumbai and Boston.

Affinity Hiring is a first principle in recruiting. All things being equal, when two candidates have the same experience and skills, the candidate that has something in common with the company or hiring manager will get the job. Genotrope uses the affinity of the Professional Graph (work history) to match companies and candidates. When the graph of the company and the graph of the candidate intersect, that is an indication of a higher probability of hire.

This is our attempt to improve on the current offerings in the online job market, with a tool that focuses on matching you with companies rather than jobs. Matching culture and fit rather than buzzwords . Our initial focus is on the Emerging Technology and Start up market for Software, Communications and Computer Systems.

We are in the “cold start” phase with our peer produced database of companies and their connections. Community contributions will at some point overtake our editors valiant efforts to populate the company database. When that happens, we will have a micro-chunkable database of much value to the users.

Stay Tuned.

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