If Your Company is Not Growing in 2010, You will be Hiring

empty office
Huh? Let me explain.

According to this Annual Study From Robert Half International and CareerBuilder Provides Preview of Post-Recession Job Market

55%  of employees polled plan to make a career change or go back to school when the economy recovers.

This means companies will be hiring next year as the people that were hunkered down waiting out the downturn move to the companies hiring for growth,  and the less attractive companies will be hiring to replace attrition.

Either way, companies should be preparing to scour their talent pools for those receptive to considering a move.

In the survey, forty-seven percent of hiring managers cited under-qualified applicants as their most common hiring challenge, followed by the reluctance of qualified candidates to leave secure positions (22 percent).

What we will see is an even greater discrepancy as things pick up,  between the companies doing well and the ones not so fortunate. For the more attractive opportunities, the percentage of qualified candidates will go up along withl the competition for them,  as people initiate the job change they have been contemplating for six months. The good candidates that are on the street will be quickly absorbed when the market turns. Thus leaving the less attractive companies that are backfilling attrition with an even harder task of finding qualified candidates.

The message here is clear, start making preparations to address your hiring needs for 2010.

Do you really need that 7 page form from your ATS vendor? Don’t you kinda have to be desperate to fill that out in the first place? You might want to rethink a process that is so laborious.

Do you want to continue to advertise on job boards or will the newer trend toward Pay for Performance  make more sense for you?

How are you leveraging your employee networks to reach candidates with a higher probability of a match?

Whatever means and tools you have in your satchel, dust them off and get ahead of the game.

Do you think this survey reflects conditions in your market? let us know…


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