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March 25, 2009

Register Company New Feature

Now it is possible to register your company in Genotrope. Once registered, your company administrator is now the only one able to add or update information to your company page.

Registration if free and allows companies to more actively target potential candidates. We currently offer sponsorship of our home page, VC Directory and blog.

In the future we will introduce a subscription model which will include job postings.

The Talent Target page shows the list of companies connected to yours through our graphing algorithm. Users with these companies in their work history will be updated with your company’s news and jobs and receive a feed of this information.

The Hiring Target section allows your company to reach users at competitors or companies deemed to have quality potential candidates that are not in your Company’s Graph. Once added users with these companies in their work history will be updated and able to view your companies news and jobs and receive a feed of this information.

Make sure to frequently add Press or news announcements as well as jobs from your website. This will maintain a steady stream of information going out to your targeted talent pool.  Add your career or job page to these links. Use the title Careers, and the link will always appear at the top of the list. Otherwise entries are in  chronological order.

March 25, 2009

Search by Location New Feature addition

We are pleased to announce that now you can filter Companies by proximity to your location on your Find Jobs page.  The default zipcode is taken from your profile.

We have also added the ability to filter by Industry and Investment status on both the MyGraph and Browsing lists. That is the good news.

The bad news is that not all companies have address information in their records. We are working hard to populate that information. Please lend a helping hand and add company address info for your company as well as when you are browsing around the database.

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March 10, 2009

A Few Problems after Switch to New ISP

Our move to a better service provider has gone smoothly. There may be a lingering issue with the redirect, but that will be cleared up soon.

Unfortunately, some of our new features have regressed, with some build mishaps.

One of the new features is the ability to filter your FindJobs list based upon location. We hope to restore the  location filter later on this week.

Thanks for your patience. If you find any other problems, please let us know.