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October 7, 2008

New Features for October 2008

We heard from our users that hadn’t yet worked at a funded or connected startup that the Find Jobs page was less than fulfilling. Thanks to you guys for the feedback.

Check out the Find Jobs page and you will see that in addition to the companies in your greeniconbuttonmygraphMyGraph listing showing companies connected to your work history, we have added a greeniconbuttonbrowsebrowsing feature. When browsing, users can filter companies by Industry as well as Funding Status. This feature lets you go beyond your professional network to slice and dice the market and view only the sectors and stages you want to see. As you view the list, the MyGraph icon lets you know when that company is in your graph.

Another cool feature we have added is the detail window to the right where a short company summary will appear, as you mouse over a company of interest.

Now it is much easier to compile a list of interesting companies and apply to each directly.

Let us know what you think.