What do I do when not much appears on my Find Company Page?

We realize that one of the features we need to add is for those of you just getting started or breaking in to the start up market.

Not having a company in your profile that is connected to other startups or VCs will mean that there are few to none companies on your Find Company Page.

We are soon releasing search features that will give you an overview of the startup market, from which you will be able to submit your resume to companies you find interesting.

In the mean time, it is a kluge but if you add a VC as a past employer in your profile, it will let you look at the list of companies they invested in, when you go to the Find Company Page.

If any of them seem interesting and you would like to keep informed of their progress, add them to your “watch list”. If you would like to explore potential opportunites, submit your resume to a single company or make a list from the Find Company Page.

In the future we will let you do this in a less convoluted manner, but for now, a kluge will get the job done.


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