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April 7, 2008

What do I do when not much appears on my Find Company Page?

We realize that one of the features we need to add is for those of you just getting started or breaking in to the start up market.

Not having a company in your profile that is connected to other startups or VCs will mean that there are few to none companies on your Find Company Page.

We are soon releasing search features that will give you an overview of the startup market, from which you will be able to submit your resume to companies you find interesting.

In the mean time, it is a kluge but if you add a VC as a past employer in your profile, it will let you look at the list of companies they invested in, when you go to the Find Company Page.

If any of them seem interesting and you would like to keep informed of their progress, add them to your “watch list”. If you would like to explore potential opportunites, submit your resume to a single company or make a list from the Find Company Page.

In the future we will let you do this in a less convoluted manner, but for now, a kluge will get the job done.

April 7, 2008

We are working towards not “having major design problems, though.”

We received a great email from one of our new users last week that started like this. “I see a lot of demand for something like this” and ended with “you have major design problems, though.”

On one hand not want you want to hear, on the other it came with some very specific input outlining what could be fixed and what new users see and think upon first arrival.

We have always wrestled with explaining what Genotrope does to the new user, versus having too much instruction built into the pages which will be unnecessary once learned.

The initial idea was to build good contextual help features. So most of the answers to the questions we get are contained in the help files, problem is, few like to click on the small orange question mark Icon to find what they are looking for. So we are working on ways to make the site more clear and easy to use.

In the mean time, the help files will tell you

1. the data base of companies is Peer Produced, as a registered user, you can add companies and connections.

2. To find companies that may be of interest, you need to enter your past employers in your profile and make sure the companies connections are as robust as possible.

3. Once you navigate to a company or VC page, you can navigate around the graph by clicking other company nodes. You can also pan and zoom the graph. If you prefer, you can navigate by clicking on companies from the list below the graph.

4. Registered users have a personalized feed of information and opportunities from companies in their professional graph. Just click the RSS icon on the Find Company page.

5. Users can submit resumes to a list of companies once they have perused the Find Company list and checked off companies of interest. Resumes can also be submitted from the company record as well.

6. Genotrope follows up your resume submission by contacting the hiring manager on your behalf.

So, we are working on getting this information to new users in a more obvious and affordable manner. In the mean time, check out the help Icon when you get stuck on a page.

April 4, 2008

Database problems (fixed)

Sorry for the inconvenience, some of the records in our database are unavailable. We are aware of the problem and will have it corrected as quickly as we can. Thanks for your patience. ( caching problem as a result of a bad build)

Just when you think things are going smoothly something like this pops up. Typical rev 0.1 release I guess. Everyone is digging the new VC Directory though and we are getting a lot of attention from it. We will incorporate it directly into the site soon so you wont have to get to it from the Startup Buzz blog.

regards, ts