It’s Official

Since we actually launched to the general public only recently, I am pleased to say we are on our way. Thanks to all the new users that registered. This week Genotrope submitted resumes to various start-ups and will be following up with the hiring companies on behalf of the candidates.

Our goal is to be useful and engaging for our users. If you find a new position through Genotrope, that will be great too.

Let us know if you are having any problems or have some suggestions on features or improvements.

One thing we are considering is removing the defunct and public companies from the Find Company results. Although you can sort the list by clicking “Status” column title to group the early stage companies together, it may not be useful to see public companies on the list since you will mostly be looking for early stage companies. Let us know what you think.

Also, don’t forget to use the help windows by clicking on the question mark icon in the block headers.

thanks again ts add to the database when you can!


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