Registration Restricts signing new Users?

Even though all that is required to register for Genotrope is an email, a certain percentage of visitors to the landing page, never take the next step. The email is necessary to communicate with users as they submit resumes to companies and the companies respond. However, if they never get to see how the site works and how useful it can be, Genotrope is not doing a good job for them.

So, we are moving towards letting users “inside” to see how valuable the database is and how powerful a research tool the Company Graph is for evaluating start ups.  Our hope is that once they get a feel for the usefulness, they will register to take the next step and find what companies Genotrope has matched them with.


4 Responses to “Registration Restricts signing new Users?”

  1. By asking for [presumably valid] email addresses you not only want to know who your users are, but you then have the power to spam them. This begs the question – who are you?? There is no obvious visible information about the people behind genotrope on any of your sites.

    Getting users to give up information requires trust, and that hinges on the requestor’s credibility. Established brands (e.g. Amazon) might be able to get away with a corporate identity, but the credibility of startups comes down to that of the founders. I have no idea who you are = I don’t trust you.

    This comment is deliberately anonymous because 1) I don’t know who you are and 2) it might provide a taste of “who is that?” right back at you 🙂

  2. To nail home my point (I hope you publish my first comment, will understand if you choose not to make this one public), I dug a little deeper to check you out.

    A LinkedIn search for genotrope just shows a lame avatar [which I thought was against the LinkedIn TOS?] That makes me think genotrope is even more dodgy – better not to find anything than something so obviously fake.

    Google provides the information I’m looking for… a google search turns up Tom Summit who apparently is a real person. According to LinkedIn I even know a handful of people who know you. Your credibility shoots up.

    I don’t see the downside to a consumer-oriented web startup allowing their end-users to know who’s behind the curtain. It makes the company seem more real, credible and trustworthy. As google has just shown, not providing any information doesn’t guarantee the founders a greater degree of anonymity if someone’s determined to find out who they are; it just unnecessarily shuts out the innocent and harmless.

    And, in any case, Boston is such a small town that asking around would quickly yield answers 🙂

  3. Hi Anonymous, Sorry for seeming suspicious, I was just waiting until we were fully launched before associating my name with Genotrope.
    Hopefully January 08. Your point is well taken and you did a good job of finding the information you wanted. I will make the changes you suggest.

    Regarding the marketing avatar, it was an experiment. 10 minutes 18 connections and now a network of 3 million+. It states that the profile is a marketing avatar, not a real person.

    Since the success of Genotrope rests on the trust our users have in our service, we will do a better job in the future. Looking forward to our Boston Launch.

    thanks for your input sincerely, Tom Summit

    let me know if you have any other feedback or questions


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